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Antenna Range Extender Signal Radio Booster Amplifier For DJI Phantom 3 /4
For dual antenna radios

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Product description:

Range Extender Signal Amplifier Antenna Radio Amplifier for DJI Phantom 3/4
Article number: 1652
Product description:
Color: gold
Material: Plastic + Aluminum Sheet
Size: As the picture shows
Weight: Approximately 62 g (2 – 3/16 “)
Fits for: DJI Phantom 3 Inspire 1 Controller
Usage: Boost Range / Amplify signal
Knowledge of satellite dish expansion
A satellite dish is the most common form of engineering for installing a radar antenna. A satellite dish consists of a circular parabolic reflector and a light source located at the focal point of the mirror.
The parabolic reflector is made of metal, usually on the inner cover of the metal wire mesh frame. The width of the metal mesh slot should be less than λ / 10. The metal coating forms as a radar energy mirror reflector. .
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Package includes: 1pcs Copper Satellite Dish Range Booster Signal Extender (DJI Transmitter is not included)