DJI E310 (6XMotor,ESC,5 pair props,Accessories pack, Updater for ESC)


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With more efficient motors and intelligent ESCs, this package offers you more information while flying and makes each flight last longer. Recommended take-off weight: 350~400 g/axis (3~4S LiPo)

2 disponibles

DJI E310 (6 Props) Tuned Propulsion System




DJI E310 (6 Props) Tuned Propulsion System - DJI-Parts-E310-6-Props


Benchmark Propulsion System by DJI
The E310 Motor Package is DJI’s newest masterpiece, fine-tuned propulsion system specifically engineered for multi-rotor copters weighing 2-2.5kg (6 rotors package). With a level of quality befitting DJI’s legacy, the E310 package features newly upgraded motors, propellers, and ESCs (Electronic Speed Controllers). From traditional square-wave drive system to revolutionary sine-wave drive system, the innovations packed into the E310 Motor Package make it our most efficient , maneuverable, and stable multi-rotor platform to date.

9450 Propeller with optimized aerodynamics
Same propeller as the latest generation DJI Phantom, this propeller is self-tightened, just screw them onto the motor when you arrive the flying site. The aerodynamic shape is the result of years of development, very precise and well balanced causing “Zero” vibration to the drone.

DJI 2312 / 960KV Motor for 3S to 4S Li-Po Battery
The benchmark motor for 450-550 class drones. Proprietary single strand winding technology delivers unmatched consistency and stability. Oversized 3mm x 12mm bearings and a high strength alloy steel shaft offer enhanced strength and durability. Extensive testing and design optimization have resulted in improved efficiency and reliability.

Super Smart 3S to 4S 20A ESC (called 420S), many new concepts we’ve never seen before
This is the most advanced ESC on the market, with integrated sensors and patented algorithms transmits real-time diagnostics of propulsion system status, revolutionary sine-wave drive architecture reduces power consumption and increases efficiency of all maneuvers. Another bright features is the Active Braking technology which includes sharp turns, altitude changes and sudden braking, all with an even lower power consumption than before. One more thing, it’s now Spark-proof, you won’t see that spark which scares people when connecting big Li-Po battery pack.

Connect LED to the ESC for System Status and Navigation
Another new concept, the system came with Multi-color LEDs, connect them to the ESC and it’ll tell you the system status and orientation by different colors.

Specifications :

    • Max Thrust : 800 g/rotor @ 12 V Sea Level
    • Takeoff Weight Recommended : 350g/rotor with 3S, 400g/rotor with 4S
    • Battery Recommended : 3S LiPo
    • Working Temperature : -5°C ~ 40°CESC
    • Max Allowable Voltage : 17.4 V
    • Max Allowable Current (Persistent) : 20 A
      Max Allowable Current (3 seconds) : 30 A
    • Signal Frequency : 30 Hz ~ 450 Hz
    • Battery : 2 S ~ 4 S LiPo
    • Size : 74x32x10 mm
    • Cable Length : 420 mm
    • Weight : 43 g


    • Stator Size : 23×12 mm
    • KV : 960 rpm/V
    • Weight : 60 g


  • Diameter / Thread Pitch : 9.4×5.0 inch
  • Weight : 13 g

This package includes :
1. 3 X 2312 / 960KV Motor (Silver / CCW)
2. 3 X 2312 / 960KV Motor (Black / CW)
3. 6 X 420S Smart ESC
4. 5 pairs 9450 Self-Tightening Propeller
5. 6 X Multi-color LED
6. 1 X USB Connector Box
7. Power Board
8. Accessories box with Hex Wrench and Screws for mounting the motors
9. Heat Shrink Tubes

Suitable for : 2~2.5kg all-up-weight Hexacopter