UV Adhesive Verifix® B 682-T 1000g Pegante fotocurado


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Technical Data

Adhesive systemUV Adhesive
Curing mechanismUV curing · activator-curing
Applicationedge bonding · metal bonding
Constructionopen · closed
Viscositywithout capillary action
Moisture resistantno

1 disponibles

UV Adhesive Verifix® B 682-T 1000g Pegante fotocurado



  • Two and three dimensional glass constructions · static and dynamic loads · · for bonds with high strength requirements


Verifix® B 682-T was specially designed for very hard glass-metal bonds in furniture construction. Hinges, shelf supports, locks, etc. can quickly be bonded to float glass or metal. Due to its impact resistance, the adhesive compensates dynamic shocks and impacts. Use a metal primer or Pyrosil when bonding chrome-plated, nickel-plated or mill-finish aluminium surfaces to improve the adhesion. Powder-coated surfaces can generally not be bonded with Bohle UV adhesives.

  • very hard
  • transparent
  • UV curing
  • activator-curing
  • not moisture resistant