Veribor blue line Pump-activated Suction Lifter


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Veribor blue line Pump-activated Suction Lifter

With pressure Gauge, in Case

High-safety suction lifter made of sturdy aluminum with a high carrying capacity for large and heavy loads – suitable for all materials with smooth, flat, airtight surfaces such as glass, plastic. metal, coated wood, marble, etc. – the vacuum is produced by pulling the hand pump repeatedly – the vacuum can be continuously monitored via the pressure gauge – additional pumping can be done at any time – the vacuum is sufficient only when the needle of the gauge is still within the green range – suction disc: 210mm (approx 8. 17/64″) – carrying capacity, lifting direction : 120 kg (approx 264 lbs), parallel

Special features: BG approved and certified with the GS sign – Very high degree of safety because the vacuum can be visibly monitored at all times